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A message from Bert Crowfoot, Publisher

Hi. I’m Bert, and I’m a member of the Siksika Nation in southern Alberta. I am the great, great grandson of the legendary Chief Crowfoot, signatory of Treaty 7. I’m a father and a grandfather and I began my career in journalism 45 years ago covering sports.

In 1983, I founded the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta (AMMSA), an independent, non-profit Indigenous communications society dedicated to serving the news and information needs of Indigenous people throughout Canada.

Windspeaker—which celebrates four decades of publishing in March 2023—is owned and operated by AMMSA.

Each year, publishes hundreds of news articles focused on Indigenous peoples, their issues and concerns, and the work they are undertaking to build a better future for themselves, their children and the children as yet unborn. I invite you to join us on our journey to gain a deeper understanding of those issues by subscribing to our new Windspeaker Newsletter. We will deliver the links to our articles each week to your inbox.

We promise that, through our reporting, you’ll hear from a wide variety of sources on many important topics as we search for the greater lessons of building and rebuilding Indigenous Nations.

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Our Mission: is dedicated to providing fair, objective, mature and balanced coverage of news relevant to Indigenous peoples while maintaining profound respect for the worldviews, values, principles and traditions of Indigenous peoples.

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